6 Best Things To Do in Palembang

The 2nd biggest city in Indonesia and the capital of South Sumatra province of Indonesia, Things To Do in Palembang is the oldest city in Indonesia. There are so many landmarks around the Musi River, and those are a number of the must locations to visit in Palembang.


  1. Spend a day at the Kemaro Island

The Kemaro island, situated only 6 kilometers from the Ampera Bridge is the most well-known attraction for tourist in Palembang. You may reach the island within 30 minutes from the Ampera bridge by a traditional boat. The Kemaro island is located beneath the Musi river, and besides being a picturesque area, it also has some attractions such as a Buddhism temple and a 9-level Pagoda.

  1. The Punti Kayo Forest park

Located just 7 km from the Palembang city center, the Punti Kayo Forest Park is the only forest park within the city. Aside from experiencing the magic of pine forests around you, you could also enjoy horse riding, boat swimming, and rowing here. There are so many gazebos from the playground for you to rest and have a quaint meal.

  1. Cool down at the Amanzi Waterpark

The Amanzi Waterpark is a popular family area situated at the Boulevard Copacabana, Palembang. Variety of water slides and rides here are enjoyable and adventurous. This place is ideal for children. There’s a pool monitor for you to chill and unwind as you slither effortlessly through the water.

  1. Experience Divinity at the Cheng Ho Mosque

Located only 40 minutes away from the city center of Palembang, the Cheng Ho Mosque is famous among the tourists and sailors for its uniqueness. The architecture of Cheng Ho Mosque is a Combination of Chinese and Malay tradition. It has a touch of the Indonesian archipelago. The mosque is a host to a lot of religious and civic activities attracting more tourists.

  1. Bukit Senguntang

Bekit Senguntang is an archaeological site housing many historical relics arguably from the Srivijaya empire. It’s situated on a 30 meters hill just 4 kilometers from the Palembang city center. Fragments of many ancient sculptures of historical significance were discovered on the hill where Bukit Senguntang and a few of them are displayed from the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum. There’s tomb complex located on the hill having tombs dedicated to royals and heroes from the Malay-Srivijayan Era.

  1. Boating in Musi River

The Musi River is stretched through a place of about 750 kilometers and flows throughout the city of Palembang. It’s wonderful and clean, that’s the reason you may enjoy traditional boating from the Musi River. There are so many other attractions as well. One of them is a floating restaurant housed in the river-Arabian Village. Make it a point to visit the river in the night time, so that you may get a peek at the spectacular sunset view.